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Professional Language Services

has provided individuals, law firms, sole practitioners, insurance companies and other legal professionals with translation, interpreting, transcription and legal support services

Language Services

Translation Services

Pro Language Services delivers meticulous and accurate translations – as a result of our skilled translators and a successful three-step process.

Sign Language Interpreting

Pro Language Services  is committed to delivering quality, culturally competent interpreting services to the Deaf and hard of hearing with a variety of service delivery options.

Interpreting Services

We provide interpreters in 140 different languages, with the capacity to deliver services any where in the world  where wired and wireless telecommunications exist.

Customized Solutions

Due to our many years in the industry, we have established an entire network of resources on which we can call when customized language solutions.


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Our Mission

To provide high-quality language services fulfilling the international communication needs of our clients, providing them with excellence in their customer service experience.

Our Values

we are committed to excellence and have earned a reputation for quality and accuracy. Our large in-house staff, including language specialists, professional attorneys etc

Our Clients

Pro Language Services has provided individuals, law firms, sole practitioners, insurance companies and other legal professionals with translation, interpreting and transcription.

International Service

Analyze overseas service of process for local defense counsel Provide certified translation of documents to comply with foreign law
Draft and authenticate letters rogatory.Verify a company’s legal domicile


In our digital age, it’s not only important for companies to push their messaging via new platforms (such as social media), but they should also be targeting international audiences through localized translations. PLS can help corporate clients make this happen.

Evidence Taking Abroad

Pro Language Service is known for its expertise in taking testimony .Pro Language offers strategic approaches to obtaining such evidence and maintains a worldwide network of foreign attorneys with practical experience in supporting.


Pro Language transcription involves listening to recorded dialog and typing it into a text document. Creating a transcript of a recording turns it into a useful, searchable, easily-referenced document.

Discovery Documents

Pro Language Services can create indexes and databases for the discovery documents.The process of requesting, gathering and sorting through paper documents, electronic media and other evidence from parties can be time-consuming.

Science and Technology

With globalization advancing and new technologies emerging, the need for qualified translators and interpreters who can also handle complex technical data and information has grown.


Testimonials & Featured Clients

This letter is to confirm that Mr. Ismail Charania has been working with Lionbridge as a freelance interpreter since April 2008. Mr. Charania is contracted by Lionbridge to provide interpretation services in immigration court ( Department of Justice, Executive Office for Immigration Review) in Gujarati, Hindi and Urdu.

Elsa Fraser, Production Manager @ LioNBRIDGE

Dear Mr. Charania. This letter is to thank you for your hard work and dedication to task at hand during the weeks you spent working with my investigative team interviewing workers who spoke Gujarati and doing translation for us. You were able to get signed interviews in the language spoken by the workers and then translate the interviews for us. You quickly grasped the nature of the work we were doing and become part of our team__________ You were a perfect fit with your willingness to work diligently, moving from establishment to establishment while dealing with various personalities and situations. Your professionalism and your timeliness is getting the translations to us were outstanding. We would very much like to be able to work with you again. Sincerely,

Sandra Sanders, District Director @ U.S. Department of Labor

This letter is to recommend Mr. Ismail Charania as a Hindi Interpreter for U.S. Department of State. I am a Paralegal for the Law Firm of Middleberg, Riddle, & Gianna in New Orleans, LA and I am very pleased to provide this reference fir Mr. Charania as attest to his professional qualifications as an Interpreter of Hindi language. The case Mr. Charania has been assisting our Law firm on is very difficult and complicated case. In sum, I have nothing but the highest regard for Mr. Charania. I recommend his services to you with out qualification. Sincerely,

Mary Anne Locantro, Paralegal @ Middleberg Riddle & Ginna

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