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Customized Solutions




Collaboration in Communication

Our expert linguist work with you to create an innovative solution tailored to meet your needs.


Sometimes language situations arise that are unusual or complex and require assistance from multiple resources. That is when clients turn to Professional Language Services for help.

Due to our many years in the industry, we have established an entire network of resources on which we can call when customized language solutions – such as multimedia projects or a need for diverse equipment or personnel – are required. No language project is too complicated or multi-layered for us to tackle.

We are Multi-faceted

Professional Language Services can work in any type of communication medium – including video, web-based or social media projects; digital applications; any type of recording (such as for voice messaging and automated response systems); and televised events. We also do technical translations of software platforms (including coding) for use in different countries and locations. In addition, we have worked with clients (e.g., businesses, government offices) to address provision of public access (mandated by law in many situations) for limited or non-English speaking individuals and the Deaf and hard of hearing.

PLS “One-Stop Shop” Promise
  • Total services delivery
  • Adept handling of multi-layered language needs/situations
  • Competent in all communication mediums and platforms

LATN delivers customized solutions that go far beyond what is normally required from a language services company.

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